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When you choose Devcon Property Management as your provider you will be working with a Senior Property Manager who will be your point of contact for any assistance or information that you require. There is no confusion or disruption in having to track down different people from separate departments. Your Property Manager will be responsible for the day to day detail of your property including, all maintenance required, tenant management, tenant selection and all inspections of the premises.

At Devcon Property Managment, we understand your asset is important to you and we believe that property management involves far more than rent collection. We’re committed to delivering correct tenant selection, inclusive management, and proactive inspections and maintenance. We also go the extra mile to protect your investment and its rental price. The opportunity for Devcon Property Management was born through the realization of the importance of creating a business that focuses solely on customer service. We established this boutique style portfolio to ensure your property receives our full attention, you never get lost in the crowd and will always be valued. You won’t find any typical real estate salespeople in our business, just experienced property managers and Sales Associates dedicated to maximizing the value of your investment property. We pride ourselves in delivering regular and informative communication to our clients, as well as extreme attention to detail to ensure confidence and peace of mind. Devcon Property Management can add value to you, your property and your tenant. We’re confident our prospectus will show you how we will deliver this commitment.


WE WILL provide prompt professional service. 
WE WILL provide comprehensive risk management assessment. 
WE WILL provide free quarterly inspections, providing a full written report, including photos. 
WE WILL provide free lease renewal negotiations including a full market appraisal. 
WE WILL provide free tenant database references, employment and TICA checking. 
WE WILL always provide a super comparative rate and a friendly, experienced management team.


We welcome you to get in touch with us for further information about our properties, please contact:

(07) 5353 5282 or email